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Tribes Group Web3 Wallet Raises $3.3M to Make Cryptocurrency Accessible to Everyone

• Tribes Group web3 wallet raises $3.3m in funding. • The newly-launched web3 native social wallet aims to make “these powerful and newly-possible web3 actions understandable and accessible to the masses.” • Crypto wallets are focusing on developing social wallets … Continue reading

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Lazarus Group Steals over $100M in Harmony Bridge Attack

• The notorious North Korean hacker group Lazarus Group is suspected of attacking Harmony Bridge, stealing over $100 million. • In June 2022, the group made transactions through Railgun to provide increased anonymity and privacy. • The hackers have withdrawn … Continue reading

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Stratégies d’adoption de DApp Table of Contents

L’adoption des DApps (applications décentralisées) a connu une croissance massive depuis leur création et leur popularité ne cesse de grandir. Les DApps offrent aux utilisateurs des avantages tels que l’accès à des services numériques plus sûrs et plus transparents, et … Continue reading

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